Could Marriage Counselling Help You?


How is your relationship doing? Most people enter into a long-term relationship to make it work. At first, both parties may be prepared to compromise and make adjustments to their behaviour to give the relationship the best chance of success. However, after a while, conflicts will arise in every relationship. Perhaps, there are money or health worries introducing tension. Maybe, it is simply two personalities that view the opportunities of life in different ways.

20 May 2021

Why Grief Counselling Is Not Merely About Talking


The loss of a loved one can feel like insurmountable emotional pain. Whether a spouse or a child, a parent or a sibling, as long as you had a close relationship with the departed, their death can deal a severe blow to your mental and emotional wellbeing. As a result, you lose interest in aspects of life that previously sparked joy for you such as socialising, engaging in your hobbies or even your career.

6 January 2021

Not Sure If You Need Psychiatric Treatment? 3 Ways to Know Its Right Time Has Come


Although life challenges can be devastating, some can be so overbearing and affect your mental health in a big way. When someone's mental health is compromised, they don't find anything good about themselves, and they can hardly move on with their life. However, every problem that life brings to you has a solution. So whether anxiety or the memories of a loved one who died are the cause of your mental problem, a professional psychiatrist is the right person to see.

3 June 2020

Binge Eating Disorder Treatments: ACT Counselling


If you have problems with binge eating, then you may have been advised to try a therapy-based treatment program. One option you can consider is ACT counselling. How does this kind of therapy work, and how does it help control binge eating? What Is ACT Therapy? ACT therapy works on the principles of acceptance and commitment. This talk-based therapy encourages you to analyse and accept your feelings and thoughts. Rather than viewing these feelings or thoughts as things you need to avoid or change, you learn how to understand and accept them.

14 August 2019

How Counselling Helps Cancer Patients And Their Families


When you or a close relative is diagnosed with cancer, it can be devastating.  Read on to find out how professional counselling could help you and your family in this difficult situation. Cancer diagnosis – how can counselling help? Although everyone's reaction to a cancer diagnosis is slightly different, there are some common denominators that can affect sufferers and their families.  A counsellor's role is not to try to tell you how you should feel, but to listen to your concerns and thoughts and talk them through with you.

27 July 2016

Being There, Effectively: how to support a teenager who self-harms


According to leading mental health charity YoungMinds, approximately one in ten young people struggle with their mental health in some way. The official NICE guidelines tell us that "rates of self-harm are much higher [...] in adolescents and younger adults", and data gathered by HSCIC shows that young women between the ages of 15 and 19 are significantly more likely to self-harm than other comparable demographics. The friends, families and parents of these teenagers often don't know what to do to support them, though, and it can be difficult and stressful to figure out how best to respond.

22 June 2016

3 Ways To Improve Communication With Your Spouse


Good, open communication is vital for a healthy marriage, but modern life is busy and packed with commitments. It's easy for couples to sacrifice spending time investing in their relationship in order to stay on top of other obligations, but without healthy communication, it can be difficult for couples to make it through the inevitable tough times. If you're concerned you and your spouse have been drifting apart, give these three suggestions for improving communication a try:

21 June 2016