Binge Eating Disorder Treatments: ACT Counselling


If you have problems with binge eating, then you may have been advised to try a therapy-based treatment program. One option you can consider is ACT counselling. How does this kind of therapy work, and how does it help control binge eating?

What Is ACT Therapy?

ACT therapy works on the principles of acceptance and commitment. This talk-based therapy encourages you to analyse and accept your feelings and thoughts. Rather than viewing these feelings or thoughts as things you need to avoid or change, you learn how to understand and accept them. They are part of you, and you learn how to treat them as such.

Once you understand these aspects of your life, your therapist helps you deal with them and relate to them in different ways. You are encouraged to find new directions and ways of thinking. You also work out how to direct your energies into creating value in your life. Ultimately, you find new directions to take that could help you manage or overcome your eating difficulties.

Can ACT Help With Binge Eating?

An ACT treatment program can help with many different psychological issues, including eating disorders. You may find that it helps you deal with the negative feelings that make you binge, for example. Some people with eating disorders start to fall off the rails because they feel bad about themselves. Problems like eating to excess and not being able to control your weight are sometimes triggered when you have negative thoughts.

This can put you in a cycle of self-destruction where food is your weapon. The worse you feel about yourself, the more you may binge. In turn, this makes you feel bad about yourself, which can make the whole cycle start again. Sometimes, your eating disorder becomes who you are in your head. You connect the disorder with your sense of self. So, you feel good about yourself when you control food but bad when you don't.

An ACT therapist will try to help you accept these negative feelings for what they are. Once you do this, you remove some of their power; you can learn ways to move past them so that they no longer control or influence your eating habits.

If you think that ACT therapy may be a good step to take, talk to local counselling organisations. They can explain more about how this therapy works and help you decide if it is the right solution for your problem. To learn more, contact your local binge eating disorder treatment centre. 


14 August 2019

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