Could Marriage Counselling Help You?


How is your relationship doing? Most people enter into a long-term relationship to make it work. At first, both parties may be prepared to compromise and make adjustments to their behaviour to give the relationship the best chance of success. However, after a while, conflicts will arise in every relationship. Perhaps, there are money or health worries introducing tension. Maybe, it is simply two personalities that view the opportunities of life in different ways. Conflicts can take many forms, and it is how you respond to those conflicts that will determine whether your marriage will last.

The value of an outsider

When you are in the midst of a relationship conflict, it can be easy to get caught up in every minor detail and perceived offence. Often, it can take the presence of someone outside the relationship to guide your thoughts and help you to view aspects of your behaviour and circumstances in a different light. Marriage counselling can be helpful in a wide range of circumstances. Counselling will help both parties to improve their communication habits and strengthen the bond between them. While there are times that a mutual friend can offer helpful advice, professional marriage counselling with a professional counsellor is often the best way to resolve longstanding issues.

How can marriage counselling help?

Marriage counselling can be of assistance whatever stresses may be present in your relationship. You might be struggling with a specific problem, such as where to buy a home, infidelity or a financial crisis. Perhaps, your problems are more general. Are you always fighting over even apparently minor issues? Marriage counselling can help you both to steer a course through these transitional phases in your relationship. Counselling will encourage you to rebuild a connection with each other and restore the intimacy in your relationship. Counselling will give you a deeper appreciation of your partners needs and reduce the intensity of your arguments. Marriage counselling can also be an opportunity to establish or renegotiate commitments that you may have made to each other as a couple.

Building communication

On many occasions, it is your communication habits that are at the heart of your marriage difficulties. A qualified marriage counselling professional will know how to challenge your current communication patterns and develop communication habits that will lead to more honest and open conversations between the two of you. They can show you the value of both listening and speaking, and how good communication skills are the key to building strong relationships.


20 May 2021

Getting over my family issues

I am getting married this year to a great guy. I really want this to work out and one of the things that worry me is that I don't want the issues from my family to affect our relationship. My parents had a really traumatic relationship as my father is a heavy drinker and was often unfaithful. I often have trouble trusting my partner and I know that the reason is due to my family background and not anything that he has done. I've been going to counselling to work through my issues and I hope that you will join me on my journey.