2 Ways a Psychologist Can Help Your Relationship


It is not uncommon for couples to seek out the help of a psychologist at some point in their relationship. A psychologist can provide insight and guidance on how to navigate the challenges that all relationships face. Here are two ways a psychologist can help your relationship.

They Can Help You Communicate Better

Among the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is effective communication. Couples often come to psychologists seeking help with communication because they feel stuck in negative communication patterns that are ineffective in resolving conflict.

A certified psychologist can help you identify the negative patterns of communication that you are stuck in and help you to learn new, more effective ways of communicating with your partner.

For instance, say you and your partner have been arguing about the same thing for weeks with no resolution in sight. You might be stuck in a negative communication pattern where you are both taking turns attacking each other without really listening to what the other person is saying.

An experienced psychologist can help you break out of this negative communication pattern. They could teach you how to take turns talking, listen more effectively, and stay on topic.

Your psychologist may also help you understand the reasons behind the communication difficulties you are experiencing. Sometimes, the root cause of communication difficulties in a relationship is a lack of trust.

If you and your partner do not trust each other, it can be very difficult to have an effective conversation because you will both be guarded and suspicious of each other. A psychologist can help you build trust in your relationship so that you can communicate more effectively with each other.

They Can Help You Grow and Change as a Couple

All relationships go through ups and downs, and it is natural for couples to change over time. However, some couples may struggle to adapt to the changes in their relationship.

For example, if one partner gets a new job that requires them to travel frequently, this can put a lot of strain on the relationship. Or, if a couple has a baby, they may find that they no longer have as much time for each other as they did before.

In these cases, a psychologist can help the couple learn how to adapt to the changes in their relationship. They can provide guidance on how to adjust to a new work schedule, deal with parenting challenges, and find time for each other.

A psychologist can also help a couple understand the changes in their relationship and why they are happening. For example, a psychologist can help a couple to understand why the birth of a child might be causing them to feel disconnected from each other.

With this understanding, the couple can work together to find solutions that will help them feel connected to each other again. For more information, contact a psychologist near you.


25 August 2022

Getting over my family issues

I am getting married this year to a great guy. I really want this to work out and one of the things that worry me is that I don't want the issues from my family to affect our relationship. My parents had a really traumatic relationship as my father is a heavy drinker and was often unfaithful. I often have trouble trusting my partner and I know that the reason is due to my family background and not anything that he has done. I've been going to counselling to work through my issues and I hope that you will join me on my journey.